wordless wednesday.

these are a few of my absolute favorite black-and-white photos from pinterest.

they definitely describe themselves, wordlessly.

baby chanel

20s ladies

baby hat

jackie car

dog baby beach

happy hump day!



tuesday treasures.

don’t know why, but tuesdays are my favorite day of the week. always has been.

so i thought i should share some treasures for the day i treasure most.

blair and serena

Gossip Girl is my favorite show right now. i’ve been watching the seasons on netflix from the beginning.

blair and serena’s friendship is perfect.


J’adore Paris. i wish i didn’t take it for granted when i was 17. best trip ever. where my love for wine began.


my dream: cartier love bracelet in gold. when i can, this will be the first big present to myself. i wouldn’t mind the other bracelets, too 🙂

grow up

lastly, the quote that’s getting me through the next few months. this hit home with me when i saw it on pinterest not too long ago. but, as it is exactly three months until my college graduation, it makes sense now more than ever.

what are the things you treasure most?

hello again, monday.

is it just me or do mondays just come too quickly? after a fun-filled weekend of my boyfriend visiting me, it is way too difficult to get up Monday morning and workout, as i promised myself. so, i’m taking it easy this morning until my body completely soaks up the coffee and i can properly function for the rest of my day. here’s to hoping this happens before noon.


until then, here are some highlights from my weekend…

after going out with my friends on friday night, joseph and i decided to take it easy all day saturday. although he knows i can cook, and i tell him about my yummy meals all the time, he’s never seen it in person (yes, we’ve been together for 4.5 years and this has never happened…we eat out a lot, don’t judge me). plus, ever since getting my crockpot for christmas, cooking is so much easier. SO, i decided on saturday morning that i’m going to make him something he’ll love: white bean chicken chili. i think chili is the best thing at the end of a chili winter day, and i couldn’t think of any meal more perfect. i’ve made chili only once before, but i’ve watched my parents cook it millions of times so i had confidence that it would turn out great. the best part of this recipe was that i was able to use rotisserie chicken bought at publix, so it definitely cut down on the prep time. and, after 15 mins of prep and 4 hours of high-heat cooking, the chili was ready! i topped the servings with a little mexican cheese, and paired it with a salad with light caesar vinaigrette. then the true test came: the taste test.


here we are, about to dig in. joseph did NOT want his face featured in the picture, although i told him this pic would never reach social media…tehehe.

as usual, it took a couple bites of everything before i got the verdict: joseph approved of my cooking! i know what you’re probably going to say, this isn’t real cooking. well, this is definitely a first step before diving into full-blown meals for a kid who loves food. plus, i believe a meal is a success when your guest doesn’t have to reach for the salt and pepper at all…which he didn’t! yay meeee.

when our bellies were full, we both cleaned the kitchen and headed out to a movie. we went to bed early and slept in late. those are my favorite days. not forced, not busy, just easy.

the next day, super bowl sunday, joseph headed back to Auburn University early afternoon-ish, and i began cooking again. my friends were hosting a super bowl party for just us girls, so we were to bring our own beverages and something yummy to share. this gave me another opportunity to use my crockpot! i chose spinach artichoke dip for the occasion.


it was super simple and loved by all. my only concern was that it wasn’t creamy enough for my taste. but that’s what i love about cooking: you can mess up, tweak ingredients, and taste test until it’s perfect. i will definitely make this dip again, especially because it’s one of my personal faves!

how did you spend your super bowl? wasn’t beyonce phenomenal?!

silly little golden nuggets

Everyone has those days. Those days that you’re going about your normal routine, bored with habit, when you suddenly sit back and think…

what the heck am I doing? 

This is a recurring thought for me recently, especially as I’m about to embark on something so unknown to me.

Picture this:

I’m freshly 22, a senior in college, with graduation on the horizon. I’m constantly surrounded by all of my best friends, and I have a wonderful boyfriend merely 4 hours away. I’ve successfully pushed my way through undergrad, with several student organizations and leadership positions under my belt. And I feel accomplished. I’m truly happy with what I’ve done and how I’ve done it.

But, a part of me can’t help but think what else?

Yes, I read, I workout, I enjoy cooking, and I’m probably still more involved in the organizations than other people ever have been. So why isn’t that enough?

Because one chapter of my life is coming to an end, and I’ve never actually experienced this transition before. Trust me, it’s bizarre. Just when you think you have your life figured out to a T…BOOM! Life happens.

So as I was perusing my Pinterest board in class the other day, I realized exactly what I’m missing.

The little things.

You know what I’m talking about. Those things that are so often overlooked by the busy, pushed away by the depressed, and scoffed by the overly mature (ew).

Well, I’m here to tell you that this girl can’t get enough of them. And I realized how little time I had given to those         little things (pun intended).

Last summer, as I spent my days working at my favorite boutique in Atlanta, I decided to start my very own fashion blog. I was so excited! My boyfriend’s sister, Donna, completely helped me start it up and her sister, Danielle, was so supportive the entire time. But, after a few months of colorful posts, some tweets being retweeted by big companies, and my wardrobe growing by the week, the flame slowly died. The posts grew more sparse, my bank account was diminishing, and the excitement was fading. I couldn’t figure out why, though. I love fashion and everything that comes with it, and I thought the concept of my blog was awesome.

“Blonde on a budget, with a millionaire’s mindset” 

Genius (Thanks, Donna).

And that meant I didn’t have to BUY things all the time….right? Wrong. I felt pressured. I felt the pressure of always wearing the perfect outfit and feeling self-conscious about being a show-off around girls I know. I love clothes, and shopping, but I didn’t want to make it a chore.

Yes, these are stupid, and maybe self-conscious, reasons. But I’m only being honest. I looked at other blogs, and those girls had real concepts. They could spend time strategizing their next OOTD and blog post, and they had the time to make those crafty things we all wanna do.

And that’s just not me.

The real reason I decided to start a blog in the first place was as an outlet of expression. As a public relations major, I know the importance of digital presence and having a voice in the social media arena (no matter how small). And it’s important to prove your own creativity on a regular basis.

So, as I sat in class, listening to the droning of my teacher (I love my teachers, I do), I repinned millions of amazing pictures, quotes, and stylish outfits. And I reflected on the things that matter most in my life.

A nice warm cup of coffee in the morning.

That first taste of wine when I get home in the evening.

Taking a long walk in the pretty South Georgia afternoons.

My favorite pen I finally found the other day, after a week without it.

The feeling of snuggling up in just-washed sheets.

That perfect song I hear on Pandora when I’m getting ready in the mornings.

A good book on a dreary day.

little things

Perhaps I’m sounding too cliche. Perhaps I am just creating “another blog” to be pushed out into the social media world.

Or, perhaps this is exactly what I was needing in my life. A reason to share what brings joy to my life every day, and the little things that keep my day rolling.

Maybe no one will read this, and maybe my little cheer-ups will only reach eyes, and make my day. Oh well, at least one person in this world will be affected by my silly little golden nuggets.

Or maybe, the golden nuggets will only bring me more gold.